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Integrated Manual Therapy for Complicated Lower Extremity Conditions

$ 60.00

Category : DVDs/Videos

This DVD will take you through ascending pain patterns of the entire body that start from abnormal foot strike.  Special orthopedic tests and postural evaluations will allow the manual therapist to track the cause of musculoskeletal pain, rather than treating the clinical symptoms.  Conditions addressed include hyperpronation, excessive supination, Achilles tendinosis, plantar fascial pain, tarsal tunnel syndrome, posterior tibial stress syndrome, anterior lateral compartment syndrome, stress fractures, fixated ankle joints, joint arthritis, Morton's neuroma, bunions, hammer toes, flat feet, high arches, ankle sprains and strains, etc.  In addition to orthopedic testing and nerve compression tests, you will learn multi modality, and multidiscipline techniques, including specific stretches and therapeutic strengthening exercises, to eliminate lower extremity pain and ascending syndromes forever.


Total Run Time:  1 hr. 46 min