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Integrated Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Massage for Low Back Pain, Hip and Sciatica

$ 60.00

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This incredible DVD will take a look inside the human body to teach all manual therapists to eliminate complicated low back pain conditions.  By first balancing out all major muscles in the lower back, our unique pelvic stabilization protocol will address the cause of back pain prior to treating the clinical symptoms.  Then by integrating techniques from the field of Myoskeletal Alignment and Posturology, the therapists will facilitate alignment of the skeletal system.  This will eliminate pain in the SI joint caused by things like sacral torsions.  We will also eliminate the cause of disc degeneration, bulging discs, excessive lumbar lordosis and sciatica.  The most revolutionary part of this DVD will be to use a split screen technology, and look inside of the human body, to eliminate adhesive capsulitis of the hip.  Then the therapists, and their clients, will learn to stretch tight facilitated muscle groups, and tonify and strengthen weak inhibited muscle groups to eliminate the primary causes of low back pain.

1 hour 30 minute running time