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Our Company

The purpose of our seminars is to teach Cutting Edge Manual Therapy Protocols to Eliminate Pain and Sports Injuries and enhance Athletic Performance. These seminars are taught worldwide and have changed the way manual therapists practice. Imagine a world where every manual therapist discovered a user-friendly, pain-free system to address joint pain, ligament pain, nerve pain, muscle-tendon strain pain, scar tissue pai,n and muscle/ joint imbalance pain through the body for pain-free living.

Our Services

James Waslaski seminars are available on weekends, for Upper and Lower Body and week-long format for our Five Day Intensives. Our weekend seminars are between 16-20 CEU credits while our Five Day Intensives are 40 hours. We can provide a custom program for any convention, group, school to fit your needs. Please contact us for additional information under the contact us section.