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Elite Sports Therapy July 20-21, 2024 Memphis TN

$ 350.00

Category : Upcoming Seminars

July 20-21, 2024

Elite Sports Therapy

16 CEU

Massage Institute of Memphis
2076 Union Avenue, Suite 202
Memphis, TN 38104

Contact:  Allison  800-643-5543

Class Times:

9am-6pm Sat/Sun


Elite Sports Therapy

Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement

This unique course takes you far beyond the traditional event sports massage training. We will be looking at on site sporting event work, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, and performance enhancement techniques. Olympic and professional athletes realize the benefits of elite sports therapy to fit their specific needs. How do you customize your techniques to compliment the work of the athletic trainer, sport medicine physician, physiotherapist, or chiropractor? Are you familiar with the biomechanics and common injuries of the various athletes? What about proper muscle firing patterns for optimal performance? You will know which techniques can have a negative effect on performance, if applied too close to competition. You will analyze movements of multiple sports and eliminate overactive and underactive muscle activity to prevent sports injuries and enhance performance potential. This incredible course will set your work apart from the average sports massage therapist, and could pave the way to working at international sporting events, or securing a career with your favorite professional sports team. Therapists will also look at spinal biomechanics and learn our amazing joint capsule work for hips and shoulders. The highlight of this class will be teaching our top 2-3 emergency go to techniques for each body area, that take less than 5 minutes, to eliminate the primary cause of musculoskeletal pain in any part of the body.


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