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Manual Therapy to Eliminate Multiple Nerve Compression Patterns of the Upper/ Lower and home retraining disc 3 Pack DVD Set

$ 180.00

Manual Therapy to Eliminate Multiple Nerve Compression Patterns of the Upper and Lower Body, including a home retraining disc 3.  This is a 

3 Pack DVD set contains all three Discs in one dvd pack.

Disc 1:

Upper Body Nerve Tests & Nerve Compression Corrections 

  • Correct C1/C2  & OA Patterns; Spinal Stenosis; Stuck Facet Joints
  • Restore Normal Cervical Curves & Treat Cervical Strain Patterns
  • Spurling Test: Spinal Nerve Compression
  • Eden's Test: Costo-Clavicular Syndrome
  • Adson's Test: Scalenes & Fixated 1st & 2nd  Rib Patterns
  • Wright Abduction Test: Pectoralis Minor Involvement
  • Cubital Tunnel & Guyon's Canal (Ulnar Tunnel) Corrections
  • Supinator Strain: Radial Nerve Corrections
  • Pronator Teres Syndrome : Median Nerve Release
  • Tinnel's Test & Phalen's Test: Carpal Tunnel/ Median Nerve Entrapment

Disc 2:

Lower Body Nerve Tests & Nerve Compression Corrections

  • Weber Barstow Maneuver & Supine to Sits Test: Anatomical versus Functional leg Length Assessments
  • Straight Leg & Braggard's Tests: L4/L5/S1 Bulges or Herniation
  • Pelvic Stabilization: Sacral Torsions, Iliosacral Upslips, Joint Capsular Adhesions, & Femoral Nerve compression
  • Restore Normal Muscle Firing Patterns
  • Level Sacral Base & Treat Iliolumbar & Sacrotuberous Ligaments
  • Slump Test: Hamstring or Adductor Strains Adhering Sciatic Nerve
  • Tibial Torsion & Fixated Fibular Head Patterns:Tibial/Fibular Nerves
  • Tarsal Tunnel & Morton's Neuroma Corrections

Disc 3:

Home Retraining for Multiple Nerve Compression Patterns

Once Manual Therapists correct multiple nerve fixations and nerve adhesions, these exercises are vitally important to change the brain's relationship to pain patterns. 

  • Stretch Tight Facilitated Muscle Groups & Strengthen Weak Inhibited Muscle Groups that Contribute to Multiple Nerve Compression Patterns including nerve glides and nerve tensioning protocols